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Cloud cuckoo-land

“What matters to me as a customer is getting everything for free. I’d appreciate it if all organisations could just go ahead and arrange that please. No, I didn’t think so.” This comment left on a recent post shows the typical command … Continue reading

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What business are you in?

 I was in Chicago airport, drinking from a water fountain, and I saw this out the corner of my eye…. I was intrigued, so I squatted  down next to the pillar and read the words… This is telling the poor … Continue reading

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Why nobody sits down in a Greggs

I live in the North of England & I love Greggs. For anybody who doesn’t live in the North, Greggs is a bakery that sells cakes, bread, pasties, pies and that. It occupies a very special place in people’s hearts. Here … Continue reading

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