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The difference between lean and systems thinking

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” Peter Drucker

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Happy Halloween

Celebrate this Halloween the systems thinking way! Put this up in your office to warn your managers that they’d best wise up or face the consequences. Please note: ThinkPurpose does not accept any responsibility. In general, like. But also for any … Continue reading

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Why changing anything is hard (Part 34[c])

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Ooooohhh Matron!

  Quick! This patient is haemorrhaging fast! We need to get him to the Lean Project Room! Nurse, 30 mils of Takttime and VSM intravenous! Intubate and bag him! He’s going AS-IS!

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Due to a complaint from a customer of this blog the original content has been removed. Turns out all the swearing broke his company’s Internet Swearometer and he couldn’t get to read all the scintillating content he came here for … Continue reading

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3 questions about purpose for Monday mornings

In your organisation… Does your job get in the way of doing your job? Is knowing your place rewarded more than questioning your purpose?  Is asking “why?” considered rude?

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What’s my purpose?

“I want to do brilliant work, with brilliant people.” Not a question I was asked at my annual performance appraisal this week. The only other question I would have wanted asked by a manager is “How can I help you … Continue reading

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A prediction, a plan, a wish or a warning?

“The individual, once transformed, will: Set an example Be a good listener, but will not compromise Continually teach other people Help people to pull away from their current practice and beliefs and move into the new philosophy without a feeling … Continue reading

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A hair-brained scheme

I’ll provide the title, I’m sure you can do your own content.

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