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Why you SHOULDN’T try to improve performance measures!

Imagine you come across a right mess of performance tat, all targets and comparisons against this time last year. Like this!   You’d want to try and fix it wouldn’t you? Turn them into measures of purpose, chuck the targets and … Continue reading

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How to NAIL it!

You read a management book about the latest thing. It makes out you can do all-sorts of wondrous things like this… But when you try and do it in your workplace it doesn’t quite turn out like it did in … Continue reading

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How to keep bad ideas dead and buried

Why does this old cemetery have such high thick walls? Why does it have a barred gate? With a lock on it? What’s inside that they are they trying to keep inside? Whatever’s buried here they really wanted to stay … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Bulldozer00's Blog:
The underlying assumptions harbored by executive decision-makers drive an org’s processes/policies. And those processes/policies influence an org’s social and financial performance. As a rule, assumptions based on Theory X thinking lead to mediocre performance…

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