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The Kung Fu Panda principle.

Imagine you want to buy a bar of chocolate from a supermarket. You are sitting at home, so you need to get in your car, you need to drive to the supermarket, you need to park the car, you need … Continue reading

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I am totally positive

I am relentlessly positive about all of the following… -Going to where work is and finding out what happens to customer’s problems -Getting raw data about customers or how we do work that has never been collected before -Sifting signal … Continue reading

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Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a pony

You’ll not like this, but you’re not getting a pony for Christmas. You’re also not going to persuade your organisation to go systemsy.  You’re not going to get managers to ditch targets. You’ll not be introducing control charts throughout the … Continue reading

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One weird trick to design your organisation, in one easy step! (Management consultants will HATE you!)

Don’t design your organisation for efficiency for managing demand for digital by default to achieve strategic priorities by copying best practice So what do you do then? Do Design against customer purpose That’s it. The predictable value demands presented by … Continue reading

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We’re number 2! We’re number 2! Yay us! Now who’s US exactly?

About a month or so ago I started getting loooaads of traffic for a really old post from when the blog was still good. This one was about 4 German words we should all use, which is why it was … Continue reading

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Why you SHOULDN’T try to improve performance measures!

Imagine you come across a right mess of performance tat, all targets and comparisons against this time last year. Like this!   You’d want to try and fix it wouldn’t you? Turn them into measures of purpose, chuck the targets and … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why National Customer Service Week Is Rubbish! Again!

Balloons! Oh Christ no…..that means it’s National Customer Service Week! Again! As this mistake is repeated every year, I’ve decided to start repeating the exact same blog post I first did two years ago. So, here again is Three Reasons Why … Continue reading

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