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Why do you need a hole in your head?

Why is it that a…  …is a really essential thing to have? Here’s why! You’re the head cook in a primary school. It’s your job to design the menu and make the meals. You want to make the healthiest food … Continue reading

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Why pink is a girls colour

A philosophy club is starting soon at my son’s school. For 5 weeks, for one hour after lessons they will… “have the opportunity to think outside the box and explore new ideas that they may not have the chance to … Continue reading

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Why listening beats questions 6 ways to Sunday

Q: What is the difference between asking questions and listening? A: One isn’t the same as the other, and neither is both. Yesterday I was taking my turn, as a good natured Policy Officer, asking staff about the draft council … Continue reading

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7 women questioning strategy

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Q: When should a he be a she? A: As often as a she should be a he A reader, or follower as WordPress cultishly calls them, occasionally contacts me to point out that my posts refer to non-specific humans … Continue reading

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98% will die, but only 90% of everything is….

See him? He looks healthy enough doesn’t he? Young, broad grin, full of life, he’s eating vegetables too! Food insurance, that’s what that is. But he’s more likely than ANYBODY to suffer a cardiac arrest (where your heart stops pumping) … Continue reading

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