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10 years a Policy Officer

This is my desk. I have sat in this, and others like it, for exactly 10 years in this organisation. My decade anniversary is today. In 2004 in the interview for this job I had to give a presentation answering “What … Continue reading

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Sad hungry money

Money makes you hungry. But for what? In an experiment, always my favourite 3 words to start a sentence, one group of volunteers each counted a pile of rectangular pieces of paper and reported the number they had counted. Another … Continue reading

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4 steps to win PLUS free Gandhiometer

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Gandhi* Ignore If all you’ve got as leverage is anecdote or theory then this is all that going to happen. What would you do? Pay attention to … Continue reading

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Signs you work in a defensive culture-(number 438b)

People will talk about work confidently, ignoring the glaring gaps, missing and unaddressed issues as if somebody somewhere obviously has a handle on it all and is organising the whole thing. They all know nobody does, but everybody talks as … Continue reading

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A lesson for system thinkers anywhere at any time

“My main work has concerned judgment and decision-making. But I never felt I was studying the stupidity of mankind in the third person. I always felt I was studying my own mistakes.”   Daniel Kahneman  [link] Go on, Google him here and read more, he’s … Continue reading

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interesting important potato tomato

A person at work was talking me through something she was doing, explaining what it was trying to show. I was listening, and said “uh-huh. Interesting“. As it was. She replied, “It’s important because etc etc” I listened and agreed … Continue reading

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3 faces for Tuesday

These are the 3 faces you can expect to see today if you talk to anyone about S*****s T******g. If so, you might like to consider the helpful suggestions outlined below by the people at systemsthinkingforgirls “Don’t talk about it at all … Continue reading

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