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Hitler gets the SATS results

See, even Hitler was driven to tears by irrational target based standard setting.

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Why I hate Ofsted

I’ve got an eleven year old in final year of primary school and Ofsted are ruining his education. Next week is SATS week. In that week children of the same age all around the country will be tested on how … Continue reading

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What is a Googleplex?

This letter appeared on the internet in 2006. [Snopes, the bible of internet myths, says it’s truthfulness is undetermined. But just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it’s not true.] A few months ago I told my 9 year old … Continue reading

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Grow your own Performance Management Officer

I went to see my 9 year olds school work at his school this week, much to my dismay I found they were training him up to work in Performance Management. This is what he is learning. This is a … Continue reading

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Give me the child

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Burning a snot omelette

Here’s something, it is an online data visualisation tool, if you will. And Ofsted are sure you really will. It allows “people to analyse inspection data in a simple and visual way; you can compare and contrast performance in inspections … Continue reading

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