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Are you a policy fashion victim?

I’m a big fan of Nassim Taleb but clearly he’s no fan of the likes of me. My one saving grace?  I do deadlift, 127.5kg for 6 reps, Mr Taleb. He’s never heard of me, but he knows my type.  I’m a … Continue reading

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How to be fooled by randomness

This is a roulette wheel. It is a machine for producing numbers between 0 and 36. Sometimes it produces a 7… Then sometimes it produces a 13… If a 7 is produced on one spin and a 13 on the … Continue reading

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The house that looks like Hitler

Remember the house that looks like Hitler? Course you do, it’s a house that looks like Hitler. What’s to forget? There’s loads of things that look like faces. There is the tampon machine that just loves checkin’ the ladies out… … Continue reading

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Why scorecards are as dangerous as Michael Jackson’s personal doctor

Let me take you back to an experiment that took place in 1930s New York…..   No matter how many times a child was presented to a doctor, there was a 50% chance that they would be prescibed a tonsilectomy…even if … Continue reading

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On the internet nobody knows you are a Policy Officer

A few months ago I got an email from Seth Godin, world famous internet man. This week  Nassim Taleb, sent me a tweet, the guy who predicted the 2008 economic crash. I am a Policy Expert nobody, and Seth and … Continue reading

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Is Big Data a pile of cack?

80% of  conclusions drawn from Big Data are incorrect.[link] The UK government is investing £64 million in Big Data. [link] I was fooled by Big Data,  you don’t have to be. Here is my story. Years ago I worked in an … Continue reading

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How to be Topp

“You don’t eat to be “the best” taster the world, don’t take a stroll to be “the best” stroller in the world, don’t push buttons in an elevator to be the best button pusher in the world. So if you … Continue reading

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3 ways you are fooled by randomness

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Skin in the game

This man is Johnny Cash, the photo was taken when he recorded a live album in a concert at San Quentin maximum security prison in front of an audience of robbers, rapists and killers. Asked if he had a message … Continue reading

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