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When is a team meeting NOT a team meeting?

Q: Does your manager cancel it if they cannot attend? A: It’s not a team meeting. It’s the manager’s meeting.Q: Does your manager set and send out the agenda? A: It’s not a team meeting. It’s the manager’s meeting. Q: … Continue reading

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How to do a SWOT

In the most strategic of rooms in my building, I found an agenda on a flipchart. It is not exceptional, it is typical. This probably happens in your building. This is how decisions are made…. *the photo is real **the words … Continue reading

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Quick! To the Puppy Room!

Where could stressed staff retreat to to escape the hurly burly of organisational life? The endless complexity, troubling questions with no immediate answers and the work that won’t work, where to go to escape it and be rejuvenated by something … Continue reading

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How to measure a meeting

I’ve been in a meeting today! How can I tell how successful the meeting was? Measure it! With numbers! -it was held in room 42 -it lasted 75 minutes -there were 10 people -there was 1 PowerPoint -I ate 2 … Continue reading

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Empty chairs and Teddy Bears

Who’s the most important person in your meetings? In Amazon, it’s an empty chair. When Amazon was starting out Jeff Bezos , the founder, made sure that at every meeting there was an empty chair brought to the boardroom table … Continue reading

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Futile Flipcharts

I saw this flip chart yesterday, left behind in a meeting room.  I felt so sorry for those beleaguered slightly pathetic three words, curvy bubble and wonky line. I thought, “they deserve more than this, let’s make them famous!”, or as famous … Continue reading

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