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The most important things should be able to be boiled down into a few words. Or less.

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Arse about face

We are coming up with this years Council Plan right now. There are a different amount of groupings, 3 so far, last year there were 5. They might be called themes, last year they were called priorities. Each year we … Continue reading

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Slug trails

I say, I say, I say, what is short, pointy and smaller than a banana? The words on that index card. I have to produce a performance report for my organisation every quarter. We send out a large official looking … Continue reading

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What’s the greatest thing?

Read that text above. Then without looking back at it write down the answers to the following: (or say out loud, I don’t care) the name of the inventor of sliced bread? the name of the brand of bread? the … Continue reading

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Hire the kid

Here is a bar chart I did in Excel. And here is what it was based on, a school kids project. I used the same data, but mine has none of the class. A brilliant example of instinctive use of … Continue reading

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