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Lean, ISO and 6 Sigma all walk into a bar. Hilarity ensues.

Rejoice! The three titans of ISO, Lean, AND 6th Sigma have come together in an unholy amalgam of codification! At last! Long time fans of onion-related blogs will no doubt remember my very first post, the epoch making “Things I no … Continue reading

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Wanted: Effective person to make efficiencies

I came across a job description. It was for a Business Transformation Improvement type. The document contains the word “efficiency” or variations thereof, 4 times. All in the context of “making” efficiencies. The word “effective”, or variations thereof,  is in … Continue reading

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How to be better and quicker

Here are some giddy people finding out what is a more effective method, batch and queue or 1-piece flow. They are competing enveloping letters to find out the difference in speed and quality of work produced when using these 2 … Continue reading

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Do you pretend to do pretend work?

Is this work? No, it’s art. It’s the minimum wage machine! The minimum wage machine allows anybody to work for minimum wage. Turning the crank will yield one penny every 4.97 seconds, for $7.25 an hour (NY state minimum wage). … Continue reading

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Lean, OBA, Prince2 and Slimming World

Can you spot the odd one out? Sorry, I trapped you. There isn’t an odd one out. They’re all the same. When they don’t work they blame the user for not doing it properly. Dieting doesn’t work. Ask the All-Party … Continue reading

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Oh what would you do if your heart was torn in two, between systems and lean when on both you are quite keen? they both can’t mentally co-exist both the top of your internal list they’d fight and cuss and … Continue reading

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Ooooohhh Matron!

  Quick! This patient is haemorrhaging fast! We need to get him to the Lean Project Room! Nurse, 30 mils of Takttime and VSM intravenous! Intubate and bag him! He’s going AS-IS!

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