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Why WIFFY’s are bad and to be squashed at birth

YEARS ago some clever lady told me… Avoid What If’s, these are called WIFFYs. Never allow them. If you see somebody asking “But…what if?” stop them there and then and ask “has it? do we have data that it is? … Continue reading

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Why do you need a hole in your head?

Why is it that a…  …is a really essential thing to have? Here’s why! You’re the head cook in a primary school. It’s your job to design the menu and make the meals. You want to make the healthiest food … Continue reading

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How to handle raw meat

Q: If the chef wiped his arse on this lovely piece of steak before cooking it for you, should you worry? (i)Yes, (ii) no or (iii) it depends? You should worry. There is a legal requirement in the UK that … Continue reading

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Knowledge is not Opinion

If I’ve learned anything at work, it’s that work isn’t much a place for learning. There’s plenty more in other places that go into whys and wherefores of this. Both me complaining and others explaining. This isn’t about that. But specifically… Whatever … Continue reading

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7 steps to Amnesia Inc.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I used to work for Amnesia Incorporated. I can’t remember exactly what business it was in, but no doubt it was dynamic, vital and important as thousands of people … Continue reading

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The best listening I have ever done

I had to attend a series of public meetings to find out how they worked. I sat in the public gallery and wrote down what the people were saying, not verbatim, but pretty much, so my head was down, facing … Continue reading

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Punk rock purpose

There you go, 3 chords, now form a band. This cartoon from a Punk fanzine in the late 70’s tells you that you, yes you, can form a band. No years of training, no expert or arcane knowledge. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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