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How i learned to skip with Toyota

I do skipping at the gym. It looks like this. But i want do be epic at skipping and make the rope go round twice. Like this… These are called “Double Unders”. So called because although you jump up once, the … Continue reading

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Look around my eyes, don’t look into my eyes. LASER BEAMS come out ’em

I am trained in advanced persuasion and negotiation. Advanced, mind. So much so that you really should look around my eyes, not into my eyes, cos God knows what I could do with my madd skillz in brain manipulation. This … Continue reading

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One weird trick to outfox the Henry Ford gambit

I done got a letter from a reader! Here is a dramatic reconstruction…. Remember these two diagrams? THIS one, the usual, the boring old triangle? And then there is this one, the one thats not a triangle, the one that … Continue reading

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The meeting room rules

This meeting room is only in my head. But the rules are very strict regardless.

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My Red Beads Experiment (part1)

Remember this? These are the jars that a man is using to count out the rest of his days using beads. I thought I’d like to do something with coloured beads and jars to measure the value of what I … Continue reading

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How to change the system when you don’t have the power

Seth Godin: How do you change the system when you don’t have the power? Another gem from Seth, who consistently refuses to have my babies. Click for video, and if you don’t have sound, here’s my cartoon summary instead. Surgeon … Continue reading

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Sad hungry money

Money makes you hungry. But for what? In an experiment, always my favourite 3 words to start a sentence, one group of volunteers each counted a pile of rectangular pieces of paper and reported the number they had counted. Another … Continue reading

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