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Do you work in The Adminisphere?

Do you work in The Adminisphere? Answer the questions below, score 10 points for each “yes”. Whatever the score don’t hate yourself, it’s the system, innit? Do you regularly put the words “policy” (meaning longwinded) and “brief” (meaning short and … Continue reading

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Why onions? (slight return)

Holy Inspirational Petunias!

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The power they can’t take away

What power do you want, the power you are loaned or the power you own outright? Careful now, a lot rides on your answer…

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Ignore the bull

“Now’s not the time to muck around with this theory, we need facts”

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Keep systems thinking, and have a lovely day!

Why wish “Keep systems thinking, and have a lovely day!”?  Here’s why. It is very hard indeed keeping positive and enthusiastic, in a command and control environment where it very much feels like you against the world, it is much easier to become … Continue reading

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