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Learning is a thing

Today I learnt that… Nope, it’s gone.

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3 word Deming

I found this sorry article left in a meeting room. As you can see, not much progress had been made. Flip charts in meeting rooms are brilliant evidence of the thinking that was in the room. Imagine that is you … Continue reading

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Zombie Deming takes issue with a poster

Oh dear! Somebody should have warned him! So, what would cause a perfectly sane manager to stick “WORK HARDER” posters up and not expect to be lynched? Command and control thinking as at it’s heart control through commands. The purpose … Continue reading

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Zombie Deming is on the prowl

Deming is celebrating the return in 2 weeks of The Walking Dead by arising from his grave and continuing his hunt for bad thinking-and live humans. Being undead hasn’t lessened the old coves infamously short temper, if anything it has made it … Continue reading

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Improving things is hard but it’s not complicated, but you’d not believe that if you looked at some methods. Look at some of these diagrams of real mainstream improvement and management methods. Those pictures above need a bit of deciphering don’t they? … Continue reading

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Long live the King!

Long live the King! But what are the four words that come before those ones? The King is dead. Long live the King! In the olden days, or in England which is the same thing, when a monarch died those … Continue reading

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An obscure periodical

“Oooh, what are you studying for?” A new member on my team asks me this when she sees the pile of books at the back of my desk. She thinks I am studying for something like an exam, a course … Continue reading

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