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The Kung Fu Panda principle.

Imagine you want to buy a bar of chocolate from a supermarket. You are sitting at home, so you need to get in your car, you need to drive to the supermarket, you need to park the car, you need … Continue reading

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The one thing you shouldn’t bother changing and the one thing you should

Lots of organisations try to change culture. They try and change that loads. But nobody really knows what it is. Not enough to point at and say “that’s culture there” and “that isn’t“. The Harvard Business Review says… “there is … Continue reading

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Welcome to Work Club!

It is your first day at work. You are wearing your interview suit, slightly nervous. You sign lots of forms, then eventually are shown to your new desk. Lying on top of your computer’s keyboard is a single sheet of … Continue reading

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Signs you work in a defensive culture-(number 438b)

People will talk about work confidently, ignoring the glaring gaps, missing and unaddressed issues as if somebody somewhere obviously has a handle on it all and is organising the whole thing. They all know nobody does, but everybody talks as … Continue reading

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