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The house that looks like Hitler

Remember the house that looks like Hitler? Course you do, it’s a house that looks like Hitler. What’s to forget? There’s loads of things that look like faces. There is the tampon machine that just loves checkin’ the ladies out… … Continue reading

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Why targets are good

Targets are good. They work. Comparing this quarters performance with last quarters, is good. It works Benchmarking performance against a group of other organisations, is good. That works too. Calm down! Let’s go back a bit…. Q: What’s the first … Continue reading

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Why scorecards are as dangerous as Michael Jackson’s personal doctor

Let me take you back to an experiment that took place in 1930s New York…..   No matter how many times a child was presented to a doctor, there was a 50% chance that they would be prescibed a tonsilectomy…even if … Continue reading

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What is Tiny Data and why is it crucial?

We all know that Big Data is cack. “So if you don’t like Big Data, what’s your alternative then?”, I hear nobody cry. There’s all sorts of data, here’s some definitions I just made up. Definitions Big Data: Data and … Continue reading

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Come on feel the noize

If you’ve know anything about systems thinking and that, you know it’s chock full of counter intuitive truths. Here are some truths about one aspect of it all: when you “eyeball data” by looking at it in a table, graph … Continue reading

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Where’s the data?

Hello Peter! Hello Jane! Do you know where the data is? Let’s go for look for it! Books! That’s a good idea! But not there Jane. Try again! Not in there! Not down there either! Where could it be? Is … Continue reading

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There’s no such thing as alchemy. Despite that, I have been disappointing senior managers for years by failing to produce gold out of dross. Alchemy is still believed in, at the highest levels of organisations. There are senior managers who believe that the … Continue reading

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