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You are no Daniel Kahneman, sir, and I would have you unhand me before I call the gendarmie

This is Daniel Kahneman He won a Nobel prize, he has written loads of books, all about how you think and how you make decisions. He has simply loads to offer to help people make better decisions. You’d think that people … Continue reading

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Miss Universe and who’s to blame

Miss Colombia was crowned Miss Universe 2015! And THEN a few minutes later, the tiara was removed from her head, the sash from her shoulders and put on Miss Philippines. Miss Philippines was now Miss Universe instead of poor Miss … Continue reading

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A lesson for system thinkers anywhere at any time

“My main work has concerned judgment and decision-making. But I never felt I was studying the stupidity of mankind in the third person. I always felt I was studying my own mistakes.”   Daniel Kahneman  [link] Go on, Google him here and read more, he’s … Continue reading

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