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Three Reasons Why National Customer Service Week Is Rubbish! Again!

Balloons! Oh Christ no…..that means it’s National Customer Service Week! Again! As this mistake is repeated every year, I’ve decided to start repeating the exact same blog post I first did two years ago. So, here again is Three Reasons Why … Continue reading

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Service Level Agreement- 3 little lies

A Service Level Agreement sounds so reasonable. Eminently reasonable. It sets out explicitly what will be done for a customer. A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider (either internal or external) and the end user … Continue reading

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3 reasons why National Customer Service Week is rubbish

It’s National Customer Service Week! Celebrate!     Here at ThinkPurpose we love customers so we’d like to tell you about a fantastic event dedicated to improving service for the customer. Set up by the Institute [fancy!] of Customer Service … Continue reading

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How to spot when you are getting poor customer service

There is one foolproof method to spot when you are getting terrible  customer service… You have to give GREAT customer service I often have to ring a helpdesk  for some assistance, that is so poor that I have to make sure … Continue reading

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