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How to learn Kung Fu in 1 easy step

Q: How do you learn Kung Fu? A: Attend a 1 hour training session in Kung Fu. Hey presto…. April Fool! That won’t work, if you want to know Kung Fu you’d have to train for years. One hour will do … Continue reading

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I’m a glittering generality!

I have a job! A proper job which pays taxes, but I’m no hard working taxpayer. This is not because I’m bone idle, though I am, but because “hard working taxpayers” don’t exist. There are people who work hard at a job, … Continue reading

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How to write a report (part one)

Hi! If you’re anything like me, you’re an office drone who types for a living. It isn’t as important as making things or healing people, but it IS a living. One of the main tasks of modern-day typists like me is … Continue reading

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Three  things that will make you a brill presenter

Q: What’s better than the world’s best PowerPoint? A: No PowerPoint. Literally. The internet is full of good stuff on how to do, and not do, PowerPoint. The VERY best thing to do is avoid it altogether. Whatever you do, … Continue reading

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Curry by default

Yes, you heard, don’t act shocked.

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How to be Bert or Ernie

. This is what happens in every organisation I’ve been in when someone more important asks someone less important for something. The someone-less-important doesn’t feel they can ask more about what it is that is needed, as the someone-more-important has … Continue reading

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Fallacy Friday! Bananas and Clearly Communicating

I got bored with not blogging and couldn’t wait till Movember so welcome back to Fallacy Friday! This is part two of a major new series that on sporadic Fridays explores two common things that everybody does but nobody knows … Continue reading

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Happy Blogday

It is an iron clad law that a blogger eventually blogs about blogging. As this is the end of my first year, it seems right to do it now. I promise I will only do this once every 12th September. … Continue reading

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Radiators and sinks

The best place to hide information is on a computer. The worst place to hide information is on a wall in public view. So why is the default performance information system made of expensive software and not made of blue … Continue reading

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