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The Systemsy Policy Officer takes a bow

There’s loads of models of work hanging around. Everybody has one. There’s the dopey triangles with important people at the pointy end… There’s the more credible, though no less hopeful, model of a sensible organisation designing their system around purpose … Continue reading

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The Golden Thread exists!!

There is a golden thread But it’s not the one you think… The golden thread, as imagined by Local Government bods everywhere, is the imaginary reason why people do things at work that connects their everyday activity to some supreme overarching … Continue reading

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Welcome to Work Club!

It is your first day at work. You are wearing your interview suit, slightly nervous. You sign lots of forms, then eventually are shown to your new desk. Lying on top of your computer’s keyboard is a single sheet of … Continue reading

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The Andyverse

Bulletproof veneer A sealed shut hazelnut shell Polished with sheer sides A haiku about a former manager who was infamously impervious to feedback, or “reality” as it is sometimes known. Let’s call him Andy, as that was his name. Like … Continue reading

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