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The one thing you shouldn’t bother changing and the one thing you should

Lots of organisations try to change culture. They try and change that loads. But nobody really knows what it is. Not enough to point at and say “that’s culture there” and “that isn’t“. The Harvard Business Review says… “there is … Continue reading

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The Chris Pratt dance-off against Organisational Transformation programmes everywhere!

*****The gifs take a while to load, they’re not just photos but actually move. Worth the wait. **** Possibly the funkiest take down of Organisational Transformation programmes you’ll see this week…. Like all good systems thinkers everywhere Chris Pratt, or … Continue reading

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Win the argument, lose the sale

[Image by acb.]

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Here’s one I didn’t prepare earlier.

[EDIT] Big screens only for this one it appears, sadly the image doesn’t display properly on my iPhone screen so may not on yours either. [EDIT EDIT] Exciting news! If you’re looking at this on an iPhone or other inferior … Continue reading

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Diet Shmyat

What diet are you on? South Beach? The Zone? Atkins? You ARE on one, even though it may not have a name. Although what we eat doesn’t have a name that it’s commonly known as, “the modern diet” is a thing. … Continue reading

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4 steps to win PLUS free Gandhiometer

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Gandhi* Ignore If all you’ve got as leverage is anecdote or theory then this is all that going to happen. What would you do? Pay attention to … Continue reading

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Mr Fahrenheit meets GB Shaw

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