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The secret management model that must not be named

It’s my annual appraisal tomorrow, the lowlight of my year. I announce my opinion of appraisals out loud, and nobody disagrees, most agree, for the usual reasons. “why once a year do you talk about work and how it’s going? … Continue reading

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One more time… Why values are a pile of cobbler’s

This month I’m going to be handed a piece of paper with the Organisation’s​ new “Values and behaviours”, in my annual performance review. So this means what I value and how I behave will change once I read what they’re … Continue reading

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gud at maffs

The Civil Service Reform Plan. There, said it. Come back! That’s the boring bit over with, those dull words in that boring order. As a reward let’s laugh at it, specifically the bit where Senior Civil Servants get maths all … Continue reading

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