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Ooooohhh Matron!

Originally posted on thinkpurpose:
  Quick! This patient is haemorrhaging fast! We need to get him to the Lean Project Room! Nurse, 30 mils of Takttime and VSM intravenous! Intubate and bag him! He’s going AS-IS!

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Why Not to Trust Statistics

Originally posted on Math with Bad Drawings:
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Do you pretend to do pretend work?

Originally posted on thinkpurpose:
Is this work? No, it’s art. It’s the minimum wage machine! The minimum wage machine allows anybody to work for minimum wage. Turning the crank will yield one penny every 4.97 seconds, for $7.25 an hour…

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Who’s the cynic?

Originally posted on thinkpurpose:
What’s worse? A dreamer or a cynic? Seth Godin posted his answer to that question last week. And got it all wrong.. So wrong, that here it is in full. Let’s see what he has to…

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Audis in houses

Originally posted on As Easy As Riding A Bike:
Note This piece really isn’t intended to make the case that drivers of Audis are worse than drivers of any other vehicle. That may or may not be the case; I wouldn’t like…

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Dr Cameron’s advice to councils: apply more leeches

Originally posted on Flip Chart Fairy Tales:
The Oxford Mail has published an exchange of letters between David Cameron and the Conservative leader of his local council, Ian Hudspeth, in which the prime minister expresses his concern about cuts to local services. In reply,…

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“I’m sorry, but we are a big company” – a fragment about scale

Brilliant post about how scaling an organisation up seems to hard wire failure demand into their very organisational structure. VgVg.

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