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Folk management

How do you think organisations work? This is how Jeremy thinks his boiler works…. This is what a fair few people including me think a boiler works like. Not in as obviously ludicrous way, but  comments I’ve sourced from nearby … Continue reading

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Double Trouble

Originally posted on Squire to the Giants:
There’s a lovely idea which I’ve known about for some time but which I haven’t yet written about. The reason for my sluggishness is that the idea sounds so simple…but (as is often…

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Why killing Sweat Angels is the most valuable work I do all day

Most readers of this blog probably sit behind a desk all day, like me. Sipping tea in nice surroundings with nice people. They don’t have to push a mop around the floor cleaning up after others. Dreaming about the dignity … Continue reading

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The Varieties of Human Work

Originally posted on Humanistic Systems:
Understanding and improving human work is relevant to most people in the world, and a number of professions are dedicated to improving human work (e.g. human factors/ergonomics, quality management, industrial/work/organizational psychology; management science). The trouble…

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Ooooohhh Matron!

Originally posted on thinkpurpose:
  Quick! This patient is haemorrhaging fast! We need to get him to the Lean Project Room! Nurse, 30 mils of Takttime and VSM intravenous! Intubate and bag him! He’s going AS-IS!

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Why Not to Trust Statistics

Originally posted on Math with Bad Drawings:
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Do you pretend to do pretend work?

Originally posted on thinkpurpose:
Is this work? No, it’s art. It’s the minimum wage machine! The minimum wage machine allows anybody to work for minimum wage. Turning the crank will yield one penny every 4.97 seconds, for $7.25 an hour…

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