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Come on feel the noize

If you’ve know anything about systems thinking and that, you know it’s chock full of counter intuitive truths. Here are some truths about one aspect of it all: when you “eyeball data” by looking at it in a table, graph … Continue reading

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How to make a pig fatter (part 2 of 2)

The best customer feedback I’ve ever seen. And nobody asked them for it. Customers were so delighted at their re-designed service they spontaneously said these words. But before all this, before the thinking changed the service, this was how we … Continue reading

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Zombie Deming teaches about learning

There’s a difference between learning and knowledge. Somewhere on the internet, there are the silly words, “Knowledge is the banquet spread out on the table. Learning is how much of the banquet you partake of.” As if it’s about stuffing … Continue reading

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The Badger’s Mouth

See that? The Badger’s Mouth. You know. The most famous battle in the world? No? Really? The battle of Badger Mouth was the bloodiest battle ever on Earth. More humans killed each other in that battle than in any other. … Continue reading

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Where’s the data?

Hello Peter! Hello Jane! Do you know where the data is? Let’s go for look for it! Books! That’s a good idea! But not there Jane. Try again! Not in there! Not down there either! Where could it be? Is … Continue reading

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An obscure periodical

“Oooh, what are you studying for?” A new member on my team asks me this when she sees the pile of books at the back of my desk. She thinks I am studying for something like an exam, a course … Continue reading

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hey, hey, we’re the thinkers

You now know about Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Diogenes which is more than anyone ever got from the hellish “Sweet life on Deck” These two videos from the weepingly awesome Horrible Histories show how well you can do this thing … Continue reading

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