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Kanban dos and don’ts

An Infographic I did for my team when we introduced a kanban for team work. Not necessarily correctly, or usefully, but there it is anyway blocking my view out the window. Any mistakes or errors of understanding or communication, all … Continue reading

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Learning is a thing

Today I learnt that… Nope, it’s gone.

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How to handle raw meat

Q: If the chef wiped his arse on this lovely piece of steak before cooking it for you, should you worry? (i)Yes, (ii) no or (iii) it depends? You should worry. There is a legal requirement in the UK that … Continue reading

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The strategic deployment of ignorance

True story!

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“be curious read widely try new things what people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity” aaron swartz (1986-2013)

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Empty chairs and Teddy Bears

Who’s the most important person in your meetings? In Amazon, it’s an empty chair. When Amazon was starting out Jeff Bezos , the founder, made sure that at every meeting there was an empty chair brought to the boardroom table … Continue reading

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Knowledge is not Opinion

If I’ve learned anything at work, it’s that work isn’t much a place for learning. There’s plenty more in other places that go into whys and wherefores of this. Both me complaining and others explaining. This isn’t about that. But specifically… Whatever … Continue reading

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