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Lean, ISO and 6 Sigma all walk into a bar. Hilarity ensues.

Rejoice! The three titans of ISO, Lean, AND 6th Sigma have come together in an unholy amalgam of codification! At last! Long time fans of onion-related blogs will no doubt remember my very first post, the epoch making “Things I no … Continue reading

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Goodbye ICT, you’re already dead

There was a ruckus earlier between me and ICT. There was an “engagement exercise” where they came to my floor on a specific day and time, for us to “see how they work” and for them to give us “tips … Continue reading

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Burning a snot omelette

Here’s something, it is an online data visualisation tool, if you will. And Ofsted are sure you really will. It allows “people to analyse inspection data in a simple and visual way; you can compare and contrast performance in inspections … Continue reading

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Zombie Deming eats his own arse in frustration at it all

Oh dear. With Zombie Deming on the hunt “sharing good practice” is as dangerous to the integrity of your skull as rubbing raw liver on your head and sticking it in a lions cage. Can we guess the thinking behind … Continue reading

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Hitting old women

This photo shows a “careworker” slapping a confused old lady who suffers from Alzheimers. It is from a BBC Panorama documentary about abuse in an old people’s care home called Ash Court. The daughter of this old lady found unexplained … Continue reading

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