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How i learned to skip with Toyota

I do skipping at the gym. It looks like this. But i want do be epic at skipping and make the rope go round twice. Like this… These are called “Double Unders”. So called because although you jump up once, the … Continue reading

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The man who mistook his wife for an actual change in performance

There was once a man who mistook his wife for a hat. This is his wife. This is a hat. He thought Why did he think that? He had a brain injury. The injury affected the way his brain processed … Continue reading

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Look around my eyes, don’t look into my eyes. LASER BEAMS come out ’em

I am trained in advanced persuasion and negotiation. Advanced, mind. So much so that you really should look around my eyes, not into my eyes, cos God knows what I could do with my madd skillz in brain manipulation. This … Continue reading

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The meeting room rules

This meeting room is only in my head. But the rules are very strict regardless.

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My Red Beads Experiment (part1)

Remember this? These are the jars that a man is using to count out the rest of his days using beads. I thought I’d like to do something with coloured beads and jars to measure the value of what I … Continue reading

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How to keep bad ideas dead and buried

Why does this old cemetery have such high thick walls? Why does it have a barred gate? With a lock on it? What’s inside that they are they trying to keep inside? Whatever’s buried here they really wanted to stay … Continue reading

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How to write a plan

There’s loads of guff in the public sector around “having a plan”. Contrary to expectations, planning doesn’t produce plans. No, the need for plans gives birth to planning, like: leadership strategic retreats to nice country hotels managerial away-days in acceptable Travel-Inn conference … Continue reading

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