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One more time… Why values are a pile of cobbler’s

This month I’m going to be handed a piece of paper with the Organisation’s​ new “Values and behaviours”, in my annual performance review. So this means what I value and how I behave will change once I read what they’re … Continue reading

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How i learned to skip with Toyota

I do skipping at the gym. It looks like this. But i want do be epic at skipping and make the rope go round twice. Like this… These are called “Double Unders”. So called because although you jump up once, the … Continue reading

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Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a pony

You’ll not like this, but you’re not getting a pony for Christmas. You’re also not going to persuade your organisation to go systemsy.  You’re not going to get managers to ditch targets. You’ll not be introducing control charts throughout the … Continue reading

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Looking good, Billy Ray!

This is a systems thinking blog. There’s a type of systems thinking I don’t mention here called Soft Systems Methodology, or SSM. I’ve never actually used it as a method, not out loud and proud. But the key word is … Continue reading

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Naughty…but nice

Say the phrase “Command and control management” out loud. Doesn’t sound nice does it? What do you think when you hear it? Things like… Call centre staff told to poo on their own time. Hospital patients dying to meet hospital targets. … Continue reading

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The one thing you shouldn’t bother changing and the one thing you should

Lots of organisations try to change culture. They try and change that loads. But nobody really knows what it is. Not enough to point at and say “that’s culture there” and “that isn’t“. The Harvard Business Review says… “there is … Continue reading

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How to write a report (part two)

Remember last week’s post told you all about How To Write A Report? To write a lush report you’ve got to remember not to just report numbers and facts but actually do some analysing because… The purpose of analysis is … Continue reading

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