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3 reasons why I hate pretty graphs

People prefer the pretty guy over the uglier guy cos they like pretty things more than they like things that are right. For over a decade I’ve been working in an area where the obsession has been about finding just … Continue reading

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How to make the world seem REEAAALLLY BOORRRIIIING

How to be bored Take a performance report. Get the data out of those damn tables and silly bar graphs. Stick it in a run chart, or a control chart, s’up to you. Look for any actual change over the … Continue reading

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The 2,500 year old lesson everybody ignores cos it’s too hard

Harold MacMillan was once asked, what is most likely to blow governments off course, he replied… Events dear boy, events. And events is what organisations continue to believe will change things, events meaning one off things that happen. When they … Continue reading

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I am a police officer. 

When people ask me, “So what do you do, where’d you work?” I reply… I’m a Policy Officer And inevitably people mishear that as police officer. “Oh really!” they exclaim, looking me up and down with surprise. Then I have … Continue reading

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When is a team meeting NOT a team meeting?

Q: Does your manager cancel it if they cannot attend? A: It’s not a team meeting. It’s the manager’s meeting.Q: Does your manager set and send out the agenda? A: It’s not a team meeting. It’s the manager’s meeting. Q: … Continue reading

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Folk management

How do you think organisations work? This is how Jeremy thinks his boiler works…. This is what a fair few people including me think a boiler works like. Not in as obviously ludicrous way, but  comments I’ve sourced from nearby … Continue reading

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Double Trouble

Originally posted on Squire to the Giants:
There’s a lovely idea which I’ve known about for some time but which I haven’t yet written about. The reason for my sluggishness is that the idea sounds so simple…but (as is often…

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