What it is

A blog about systems thinking. Deming and Vanguard, but others when they crop up. Mainly them though.  I am not conscientious enough to type out good reliable essays on how to do it practically or the correct theory, and anyway there’s no need, it’s already been done by the professionals. I will link to them when I find them. Instead this is about ME doing it, an amateur, and therefore there won’t be good introductions to anything, there will be plenty of posts that splunge straight in with no background. I’m too lazy to set out background, and christ there isn’t the time. Hopefully there will be links somewhere to make sense of it.
It is about the onion patch and doing guerilla systems thinking.

What it isn’t

It’s not about lean. There’s plenty of blogs on that.

Why it is

Why is it called thinkpurpose? Because the good website names with systems thinking in have already gone, and that is what systems thinking seems to stem from and return to. I’ve only just realised purpose is central to systems thinking.

Here’s someone saying it better

-“A system must have an aim. Without an aim, there is no system. The aim of the system must be clear to everyone in the system.” Deming

-“Aim and method are essential. An aim without a method is useless. A method without an aim is dangerous. It leads to action without direction and without constancy of purpose.” Deming again!

The Idiot Clause

I am not an expert in anything, least of all systems thinking. Any mistakes,  mis-quotes, errors of understanding or of detail are all my fault.  At times the words will make it look like I am pronouncing or stating the case, but I am not really pronouncing or teaching, I am an amateur trying things out, one with little experience and too much book learning.

What I am is keen, learning and keen on learning. I tend to lose bookmarks, cool articles etc, so am hoping if they stay here they will stay together all in one place.

All content is my opinion and nothing should be interpreted as being endorsed by my employer. Which is a goddamn shame.

This is a personal blog.

27 Responses to About

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  2. Dave Kerr says:

    What a fabulously refreshing approach!


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  6. lucy says:

    Loving your blogs!


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  11. geoff elliott says:

    but Deming and vanguard have nothing to do with systems thinking. Deming is on written record as stating he didn’t understand systems and processes. Additionally Demings so called 95% rule is based on experiences with a 1920s prison in the southern US. What this has to do with the 21st C management beats me. See also the transcript between Deming and Ackoff re systems thinking. If this had been a soccer match Ackoff 10 Deming 0


    • ThinkPurpose says:

      Hurray! Men arguing over definitions and categories on the internet. I’m currently walking along a river bank eating a cherry ripple milk shake. Or am I drinking a milk shake? Either way it’s very nice. Which is what matters.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ThinkPurposeIsGreatButNotAlways says:

        Love your blog. But… what has being a man got to do with that post? And are you really saying that definitions and categories don’t matter?


        • ThinkPurpose says:

          hello! thanks for the compliment and good to see that even 3 year old comments have their readers.
          i say “man” cos it tends to be a feature of men all the “is that REALLY xyz, cos i think its more ABC” etc. anyway, a throwaway remark only.
          And arguing over categories and that tend to result in a “no true scotsman” type argument.


    • Geoff, got any references for this stuff? I’m interested, but not able to discover papers etc. via google search.


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