WANTED: systemsy stuff to cheer me up

I’ve been working in an ordinary command and control organisation TOO LONG.

I’m miserable and it makes me think that all work is like this and it can never change.

I know it isn’t. I’ve been a part of, and seen in other organisations PROPER WORK. by which I mean

  • Studying work to get knowledge 
  • Measures derived from and used in the work
  • Change happening by experiment
  • Purpose discovered outside-in rather than by asking your manager

You know, systemsy stuff. 

I want to go and see somewhere doing this, cos whenever I have done in the past, it’s brilliant and makes me excited and optimistic.

So if this is you, if you work in a place that’s going or even gone systemsy in a Deming-ish or Seddon-ey way then can I come visit you to have a gawk at your stuff? Just for a few hours. I’ll be no trouble, and I’ll not blog about it unless you want me to.  You’d get the chance to show off a bit and I guarantee I’ll be impressed.

If this is you, click on the contact me button and send me a message including your contact details and I’ll get back to you with glee.  If you’re somewhere north of Manchester and south of Edinburgh that would be ideal.

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7 Responses to WANTED: systemsy stuff to cheer me up

  1. micheleplayfair says:

    Field trip to Melbourne Australia? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bob says:

    Desolate to report my current client does not qualify at all. Maybe the next one.


  3. bobbinsu says:

    Are you anywhere near Nottingham?


    • ThinkPurpose says:

      can we play “cold” and “hot”? ie “warm, youre getting warmer!”
      i would say, “cold” to Nottingham though.
      What you got? Anything cool?


      • bobbinsu says:

        Not yet, but soon hopefully if all goes well I’ll finally have enough seniority / responsibility to make a start. Loving reading your posts, feel your pain….sometimes I almost wish I’d never taken the red pill….almost….


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