I am totally positive


I am relentlessly positive about all of the following…

-Going to where work is and finding out what happens to customer’s problems

-Getting raw data about customers or how we do work that has never been collected before

-Sifting signal from noise

-Listening to a customer without saying anything back to them except to find out more

-Tracking work through our systems

-data informing decisions

-Asking why

-Asking why again

-Experimenting with method, knowing the only failed experiment is one where you don’t learn

-Learning something that matters about customers or work

-Value work and waste activity being understood as two entirely different things and treated accordingly

-Focusing on the problem that we are really trying to solve

-Support work helping core work helping customers

-Constancy of purpose

If I work in a place that does these things I will appear positive as I am positive about these things. The more of these things there are in a workplace the more positive I will appear to be, because these things work.
They work because they are based on a model of work and people that works

Pursuing any of these things is a good use of the money of whoever is paying me and helps people who are supposed to be helped by the organisation.

I am always positive about that, which is why I am always positive about doing all these things.

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