I am totally negative


I am relentlessly negative about all of the following



-Best practice


-Strategic awaydays

-Strategic plans

-Strategic anythings

-Performance appraisals

-Service Standards

-Scrums (outside of a rugby game)


-Assessments for access to services


-Target operating models


-IT solutions

-Rapid Improvement Events

-Customer satisfaction surveys


-Culture change theme boards

-Mapping activities to priorities

-Transformation Boards

If I work in a place that does these things I will appear negative as I am negative about these things. The more of these things there are in a workplace, the more negative I will appear to be, because these things don’t work
They don’t work because they are based on a flawed model of work and people.
Pursuing any of these things wastes the money of whoever is paying me and lets down whoever is supposed to be helped by the organisation.

I am always negative about that, which is why I am always negative about doing all these things.

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1 Response to I am totally negative

  1. Bob Ainsworth says:

    Having taken the ‘red pill’ and then returning to a C+C company that only gives a shit about Targets.

    ^This is my negative but also a positive in the fact that I am ruddy glad I did take it. If that makes sense.


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