Why Not to Trust Statistics

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2 Responses to Why Not to Trust Statistics

  1. Frank Wood says:

    Lol. However on a serious note Statistics are very handy but need to know:

    a) How the data was collected (Post, telephone, internet, face to face etc)
    b) What were the questions asked
    c) ALL the raw data collected so you can apply various tools on it such as Standard Deviation.
    d) Was the data observed/collected in laboratory conditions? Hardly representative of what goes on in the real world.
    d) Remind yourself that in interviews most people lie in varying degrees and even though it’s claimed that various filter allow for this I’m dubious. The failure of so many opinion polls seem to confirm this.


    • ThinkPurpose says:

      I would say that this blog post (not mine. I’ve reblogged it, quite regularly people don’t notice this) IS making a serious point, just with ADDED humour. That’s what I think sometimes happened at work when I (used to) send around THINGS I’d seen that I thought communicated something with humour to sugar the pill. People used to laugh politely. Like i was taking a SIDEWAYS LOOK, something a bit RIBALD and end of termy.
      I hated that.
      Humour and sarcasm are important tools to get a message across. Like A modest Proposal. Satire is not the sugar that sweetens the pill, it is an integral part of the message.


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