Write your own blog post!


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7 Responses to Write your own blog post!

  1. Charles Beauregard says:

    Can’t help I’m afraild. On the other hand, I can give you many stories of my failed attempts!


    • ThinkPurpose says:

      No need, got loads of them.
      Not one person has replied by the way. Been read several hundred times. It COULD BE complete crud, that there’s actually zero hope, that either people are interested in which case they’re already ONE OF US, or they’re not in which case they’re not and won’t be regardless of what you do.


      • I don’t mean to add to the failed attempts but I will give you an example of a time when I tried to change the culture of my department. I started a cookie exchange for the Holidays and made it an open voluntary event for the entire department. My manager, at the time, took issue with the fact that I invited EVERYONE. She wanted for certain people to be EXCLUDED. Can you believe these people that can turn something as ‘wholesome’ as cookie exchange into a POWER PLAY manipulation match. I swear I work for demons. I do think that the Guidelines are great in theory and when applied will produce great outcomes. The problem is always the people – the people with their egos are the monkey wrench in any circumstance. Anyway – carry on with the great posts!!!


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  3. Bob Ainsworth says:

    Ok, I am in a position to do this. New job (6 months in), little pertunia and can see with extremely clear glasses the command and control, micro management, target driven, binary environment where everyone walks round like a robot, talks like a robot and where management spend the majority of their time in a ‘meeting’ pushing pens, filling in forms about targets and how we have met them or not and those that haven’t will be disciplined (12 years a slave – I didn’t meet my target sir) proudly patting themselves on the back and how they agree the form filled in is lovely and wonderful, while back on the ‘shop floor’ people are needing help and underwriters are stressed because the system was designed by a board of idiots who think that over there in their ivory tower is the ideal place to work on a system because they have a super duper job title.

    After reading your blog and others it’s made me realise, I am not alone, so I started today. Value and Failure demand coming in on my phone calls. 19 done, 2 value. Excel to the rescue to log it. It’s a start right?


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