The Chris Pratt dance-off against Organisational Transformation programmes everywhere!

*****The gifs take a while to load, they’re not just photos but actually move. Worth the wait. ****

Possibly the funkiest take down of Organisational Transformation programmes you’ll see this week….

Like all good systems thinkers everywhere Chris Pratt, or Starlord as he’d prefer to be called in this blog post, is not a fan of the usual organisational transformation programmes.

He doesnt think they rule. Oh no, they suck.

Listen up organisational transformation programmes, he’s issued you the ultimate challenge….a dance-off!
This is…

The Chris Pratt dance-off against Organisational Transformation programmes everywhere!

Take it away Chris!

“I see you..oh yes. You want to change something do you?
Culture? Values? Performance?”

ist dance

“Well lookee here freakozoid, I’m issuing you a good ol’fashioned test…you like my moves, well, get ready cos it’s a…

issues chall

“What? You and the Human Resources OD champions? Oh’s just…

me and you

“Oh yeah…

Transform THIS!

getting funky

“mmm, ooh yeah. Feel that? Just gonna get worse…

“cos I see through you, I’ve been through so many different organisational transformation programmes.
You lot come and go with each new Chief Exec…and leave nothing behind…not a trace…

kung fu

“uh!…oh yeah… and I’m tellin’ you right now, ain’t got time for you bro’…not again.

 “I turn my back on you… and I’ll tell you whyyyy…hmmmm  hummm..ooooh yeah…


“…nothin’ changes until people change..that’s what I’m talkin about…mmmm…. and you know what?

“people don’t change cos you try to persuade them it’s a good thing to do..
cos there’s a new set of values on a wall…over HERE…

take it

“…over THERE a new performance framework…new acronyms don’t do it for me no bro’, no they don’t… 

cos I’ve seen real transformation and it doesn’t need any of that…

EVERYBODY can smell Bull from a mile off, you NEED authenticity…people will listen only when you’ve somethin to say…you start with authenticity, yourself and…

bring it down

“…oh yeah, real hard…follow through…go to where the work is, study it, find out for yourself, and DON’T go away again…there’s nowhere else more important than where your organisation does it’s business, I’m sayin it….

hard dancing

“don’t believe no stinkin’ reports! go find out for real…put yourself there…and I’m gonna tell you the one thing.

Oh yes, there’s one true thing, the test….

here it is, ready bro’?
lets take it down a little…mmm yeah….”


“here’s the one test of a true transformation….

…if it’s real, people will miss it when it’s gone.”


“you take that boy, take that and you hold on to it.

Will people miss it when it’s gone?”

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4 Responses to The Chris Pratt dance-off against Organisational Transformation programmes everywhere!

  1. Peter says:

    Right on Bro’


  2. ThinkPurpose says:

    just keepin’ it real, just keepin’ it real.


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