Wanted: Effective person to make efficiencies

I came across a job description.

It was for a Business Transformation Improvement type.

The document contains the word “efficiency” or variations thereof, 4 times. All in the context of “making” efficiencies.

The word “effective”, or variations thereof,  is in there a massive 10 times!
But ONLY when talking about the behaviour of the job-holder. Eg “effective management”, “effective working relationships” etc Never when referring to services touched by the prospective job applicant.

So, its important that the job holder is effective in implementing efficiencies.
But not necessarily that they’re effective in making services effective.


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4 Responses to Wanted: Effective person to make efficiencies

  1. bazhsw says:

    Sometimes it’s like being a square peg in a round hole where you want to make things better for the customer (and as a byproduct reduce costs) whilst the organisation screams WHAT ABOUT THE EFFICIENCIES!!!!


  2. ThinkPurpose says:

    That’s the beauty of leaders. They’re so…oooh…leaderful.


  3. Frank Wood says:

    It’s like the old saying “A dog can bark very efficiently up the wrong tree.”


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