The Systems Thinking Drinking Game


If you’ve been trying to introduce systems thinking into your organisation for a bit,  you’ll have heard the same things trotted out as excuses reasons why not give it a go.
So here’s The Systems Thinking Drinking Game! It will help turn the pointless grind into a drunken jamboree of control charts and vomiting.

To play the game ensure you have a bottle of hard liquor with you at all times, and take a swig when you hear the following.

A sip
-“I don’t have time to write down what customers are ringing up for, I’ve got loads of phonecalls from customers to answer.”

-“Ok, just tell me what to measure and I’ll get it to you on a monthly basis, if it’s got to be in the scorecard, so be it.”

-“We’ve done a big customer satisfaction survey, so we can use that.”

A big gulp
-“I consider improvement a priority, so I’ll get my deputy to work with you on it. ”

-“So if I just add the target onto the control chart like this I think it’ll work much better for everyone”

-“Yes, systems are important, which is why we’ve bought a new IT system to handle it all.”

-“What our customers want is all on our CRM system. I’ll get our performance people to print the monthly report for you. ”

Down the bottle in one
-“We’ve already done Lean.”

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3 Responses to The Systems Thinking Drinking Game

  1. Charles Beauregard says:

    – “Personally I’m all for it; but the staff / other managers / senior managers / politicians / customers won’t be convinced.”

    – “We wouldn’t have failure demand if people just followed procedures correctly.”

    – “There’s no need to spend time looking at how we do things and why, the obvious solution is…”

    – “We need to do a cost-benefit analysis before taking this any further”


  2. ThinkPurpose says:

    Ha! These are brilliant.


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