A manager’s guide to good and bad measures

How can you tell if you’ve been sold a pup?
If some performance spod is fobbing you off with nonsense instead of good sound performance information?

Just check what’s put in front of you against this 5 point guide to good and bad measures.


(Click here to see larger version of the above pic)


(Click here to see larger version of the above pic).


If you’re handed something like the bad measures example when you actually want to understand what’s happening in your work, just hand it right back.

Print the above pics out, stick them on your wall, hand them to anybody with the word “performance” in their job title.
Stop accepting dross, cos otherwise they’ll keep on giving it to you.

NB Of course all this is, as per usual, me copying stuff from Vanguard, just with much better words and pictures. Not got an original idea in my head, but I make original ones pretty.

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