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National scandal at Ofsted, or a national scandal at Ofsted? Its one or the other.
A clear and to the point blog about Ofsted’s decision to cull 40% of inspectors

Distant Ramblings on the Horizon

This story about Ofsted re-configuring its workforce is interesting. As I see it there are two possibilities.

The first is the simplest and, for Ofsted the least damaging. I say ‘least damaging’ because it is still damaging and I will explain why. Under this possibility all that is happening is that Ofsted is responding to the Government cutting its budget and therefore cutting its cloth appropriately. Along the way it will be culling from its books (which is not strictly correct as they were never technically on their books) inspectors who either did not want to inspect any more or perhaps those inpectors who had not done more than a couple of inspections over the previous five years and frankly weren’t really in the game to start with.

Why is this possibility damaging? Well, Ofsted has briefed that there has been a “robust assessment” process and “We see an opportunity…

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