How to do a SWOT

In the most strategic of rooms in my building, I found an agenda on a flipchart. It is not exceptional, it is typical. This probably happens in your building. This is how decisions are made….

*the photo is real
**the words totes stolen from the brilliant W1a and 2012.

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5 Responses to How to do a SWOT

  1. JLC says:

    I swear to god I was subjected to a consultant who said “Here’s the thing” about twenty times a day before subjecting us to another patronising discussion on paradigm paralysis.

    He was tall, from the North East and wore an embroidered shirt. He also told me that graphs were the best, but pictures or target statements were also perfectly acceptable in my A3. I honestly used clipart to replace measurements. Oh God, what did I do????


  2. Whistlers Brother says:

    I’ve been subjected to this process on too many occasions and there is certainly a smell about it! Hmmmmmm, Very entertaining post.


  3. allygill says:

    Great to see Lean in action…they crammed all that into an hour? Most outfits I know would take at least a day, and would most likely go for a two day off-site session!


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