How to create phonecalls you don’t want

Step 1: Do something that doesn’t solve the customer’s problem for them.

Step 2: Err… that’s it.

A fellow onion informs me of the fantastic efforts of a Government benefits department to create phonecalls from nothing.

The department has to pay a benefit to people, there’s a large period of time sometimes between payments. Sometimes the recipients of the benefit have changed their bank between payments, when this happens the payment to the customer will bounce and the government department is told that the payment has not been made.

So far, so unavoidable.

What is avoidable however, is the next bit.
What is “the problem they are really trying to solve“? It is “get the clients correct bank details and pay them the benefit“.

A customer focussed organisation would do what was needed to get the correct bank details for clients who have had a payment refused due to old bank details, and pay them the benefit.
This organisation decided to send out a letter saying…

we tried to phone you regarding this issue but you were unavailable

As most people these days have answer machines or caller display, the clients knew this was a lie.

So they ring up annoyed, in their hundreds and hundreds, saying so.
Generating phone calls out of nothing.

But it’s ok, the organisation has a charter, look.

So you’d think they’d do what was right for the customer.

However this is complete…wpid-wp-1424761145640.jpeg
The sort of organisation that would have a customer charter is the sort of organisation that thinks only customer services deal with customers.

This is how you create work out of nothing.
If you want more waste, design your organisation so that decisions are made away from the front line.
Because the further away you are, the less you know.


Behhh! Poppycock!

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