Why the [insert favourite] sector is best

imageThis is Michael Portillo on my telly five minutes ago on BBC1 TV programme “This Week” speaking complete…wpid-wp-1424761145640.jpeg

He was talking about a revolting scandal in a hospital that came to light.

In a hospital midwives who were infatuated with “natural childbirth” (never come across anybody similarly a fan of natural dentistry, wonder why not?) had pursued natural childbirths at any cost, resulting in at least 19 deaths. This took years to come to light, with despicable cover-ups all along the way, and hospital staff distorting the truth at inquests and hiding medical notes and conspiring to ensure nobody found out.

Horrible, but not horrible enough for some ideological point scoring by Michael, on my telly 5 minutes ago.

He said…

“It’s only in the public sector that you get this lack of transparency, this covering up, and the emergence of ideologies. Ideologies that are insisted upon”

Only in the public sector Michael?

My favourite David took the mickey out of these stupid sweeping statements about entire sectors in his recent book…


Yes, clearly the best. Let’s look at examples in the private sector which Michael Portillo claims doesn’t have a lack of transparency OR have any ideologies…

Libor scandal-“This dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets”  MIT professor of Finance

HSBC-“aiding Mexican drugs lords, rogue states and terrorists” by laundering their money for them.  Says sorry, nobody jailed.


Horse meat in everyones food-Neighly every frozen food manufacturer.




That’s the cover-ups, as for ideologies? That defines the private sector, what it actually is. It’s called capitalism.

I’ve had appaling service from both public and private sector. Neither has a monopoly on it, both seem to relish delivering a terrible service via out of date management techniques.
There is nothing inherently good or bad about either sector, just a glumly predictable inadequate understanding of how work works.

There is no such thing as a good or a bad sector, only the thinking of the individual bits of it and how it affects how it behaves.
People like Portillo are the sectors that I loathe-the idiot sector.

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