Kanban dos and don’ts


An Infographic I did for my team when we introduced a kanban for team work. Not necessarily correctly, or usefully, but there it is anyway blocking my view out the window.

Any mistakes or errors of understanding or communication, all mine.

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8 Responses to Kanban dos and don’ts

  1. fjfish says:

    Sorry to be pedantic, but I think it’s everybody’s and nobody’s – as in belongs to.


  2. ThinkPurpose says:

    Bloody Norah. Staring me in the face.


    • Lucy says:

      Maybe it should be Norah’s then As a kanban novice I love this. I’m currently using the kanbanflow app on Google Chrome which has a built-in pomodoro timer. I have learnt so far that my focus starts to dip on Thursday afternoon and crashes and burns on a Friday, especially when my boss is in the office…..


  3. Esme says:

    I wish we had this infographic when we introduced Kanban, however the Kanban Tool quickly taught us how to properly use this method and also integrate Kanban into your personal life (Personal Kanban – like you said).


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  5. I think taking or not taking Kanban’s a decision depending on the company/team environment and needs. Some people love their paper calendars and if they organize their work well – do not dare to change it. I decided to Kanban when I realized that, like in one of the paragraphs here: http://kanbantool.com/blog/you-dont-need-kanban-or-do-you , I don’t know what my people exactly do withing these 8 hours. It’s not a matter of being a control freak, it’s more the care about your team efficiency and success.


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