Do you like my piece of paper?

Say what you see” is the latest tagline of this blog.
What I see every day is people creating pieces of paper to take into a room for people to look at and decide if they like that piece of paper, and if they don’t totally like it they say what they would prefer to see on that piece of paper.

This repeats until everybody is happy with a piece of paper.

The Systems Thinking Lesson

Nobody cares about the piece of paper once everybody is happy with it.
There is no checking that these pieces of paper did what everybody wanted them to do. No learning takes place, the life cycle is complete once 100% happiness is achieved.

The purpose of  a policy officer is to write essays for the senior leadership team to mark.

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15 Responses to Do you like my piece of paper?

  1. Maz Iqbal says:

    The purpose of slaves has always been to serve their masters – arguably the best slaves have done so by reading the situation and anticipating their masters needs-wishes. The modern day worker is the modern day slave, the situation is the same, the only difference is that today the worker does not get that he is a slave. Thinking he is a free man (whilst being a slave in the place of work) is what arguably causes all the ‘friction and stress’.


    • ThinkPurpose says:

      I reckon we’re ALL ‘slaves’… to the system! I’m sure they don’t want to be in a position of marking essays, I reckon they’d rather be doing something useful.


      • Maz Iqbal says:

        I watched 12 years A Slave yesterday. Perhaps it is true that we are all slaves to the system. And then there are people who choose not to play by the rules of the system. Here, I am thinking of the character played by Brad Pitll. And I notice that some who are ‘slaves’ to the system do a lot better than the those who are slaves to the system and real slaves; real slaves are seen as resources and treated as property. I wish you the very best.


  2. “I copy & paste what they want.” Oh, my! You hit the nail on the head with this one.


  3. bulldozer00 says:

    Is that Freddy Mercury at the bottom of your post? 🙂


  4. nikos says:

    how true!..i don’t know if you agree but sometimes is getting even worse when we re-create a piece of paper based on a piece of paper created in the past just to achieve as you said 100% happiness!…there is no learning and there is so much waste in creating a “nice piece of paper”!…


  5. IDrawPictures says:

    As a business analyst in a council, I get to talk to people about their work and then write essays and draw pictures, which I show to other, more important people. Sometimes they say my pictures are nice.
    In my time, I don’t recall the important people actually going to see the work themselves….


  6. Charles Beauregard says:

    Their cutting down on paper at my place. Now we copy and paste our essays in to fancy tools like That way, everyone applauds how innovative we’ve been. Yay!


    • ThinkPurpose says:

      I’ve got a prezi lunatic who sits next to me. I think I’m going to go old school, get myself a slide projector and a carousel of slides. At least they sound lovely when you click through them.


      • Charles Beauregard says:

        Great example today (about pieces of paper – not prezi).
        Manager X asks me to write a short report.
        I write it, and do some copying and pasting following comments from various colleagues.
        Manager X asked that I show them the report before submitting it. I did, and Manager X re-wrote most of it. Then it got submitted.
        The lesson for Manager X – next time just right the damn thing yourself!


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