This is what your brain looks like on Command & Control


We know it makes you stupid, but if you still think plans, policies and strategies are Good Things, why not spend your day acting according to a document written 6 months ago by a complete stranger? Try it..

You could have to answer a phone call from a friend withIn 30 seconds, to meet robust standards in your own Customer Services Charter. Regardless of whether you’re driving or speaking to someone else at the time.

You could set clear customer expectations based on your Customer Services Charter and ensure that you only commit to answer your phone “during office hours“, sticking a recorded message on for your mum telling her that her phone call is important to you but you still won’t speak with her.

You could avoid anxious moments fretting over whether to give your spare change to charity by holding an impromptu budget monitoring meeting to judge whether it is an allowable expenditure under your Strategic Financial Plan, and if so, under which cost code could it be entered?

You could just judge what’s best in the present moment using your actual brain rather than a substitute brain that’s made of paper. Then you would be able to respond appropriately to what ever complex situation is presented.

One of these options uses an actual human brain AND real life to make a decision and act.

Thing is, brains don’t grow on trees. They come attached to humans, now where would you find some of those…


this is not a stock photo, all my colleagues look like this, and I do too. That’s me there on the right. Sexy, right girls?

They’re everywhere!

You can’t move from a paper-based approach to to a meat-brain approach without first giving back staff the right to use their own brain in deciding what’s best to do and say to customers.

People who ordinarily are not trusted with thinking will have to dust down their brain they use outside of work, and start using it in work as well.

BUT, I hear fear-mongers fearmongering, surely this will lead to chaos?


“To address the moron shortage I suggest we redeploy the policy officers, this diagram will explain “

Without some kind of strategic lead how will people know what to do?
In the absence of a script how do we know staff won’t start hurling racial slurs down the phone at customers?
It’s a risk, a very real risk. IF YOU EMPLOY MORONS. Thankfully you probably don’t, there’s not enough morons to go round to answer the phones, and if there are enough morons, ask yourself who hired them.

There’s morons aplenty right now, don’t worry you won’t run out, but they’re that way only because of the way organisations are managed. Stop creating morons and in their place, looking exactly like the morons they used to be, will be intelligent humans who can start doing the job they were meant to do.

Oh dear, turns out I typed virtually exactly the same post almost 2 years ago. SHARK!

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