What goes all the way down?


Ho, ho, ho! But stop! This can be very serious indeed. Ever asked someone why something is being done, and they’ve replied by pointing to something somewhere else, some plan?

They’re just turtles too!


No, it doesn’t happen. But people pretend it does.


Nobody speaks like this, but in the Public Sector we pretend that every action can be explained and justified by a bigger and more important document elsewhere.

This used to be called by some damn fules “the golden thread“. The idea was that purpose could be found there. By staring at documents.

CaptureI don’t believe a word in documents these days, so I’m never to be found staring at them. I’ve been spoiled for them, by how often I find out they are complete fantasies. Documents have let me down once too often. I’ve dumped them for good.

This makes my job harder, as documents are the bread and butter of Command-&-Control land. They are the medium through which we think the organisations wishes are communicated, without which people would be rudderless, hence the supreme importance of plans and documents. All the way down.


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