Lazy managers make hungry children

Managers working in the public sector are starving poor people because they are too lazy to bother picking up a book.
Yes, I said that.

The above graph shows the reasons why people are turning to food banks because they have no money for food.

The main reason is the length of time it takes Benefits services like the DWP and Local Authority Housing Benefits servcies to get the right money in the right place, i.e. in claimants pockets, so they can feed themselves and their children.

This task is a few hours of actual work. In reality it takes months. This is because the systems that managers have designed are not fit for purpose. Literally. The purpose is to pay the right benefit at the right time, this is not happening because the systems are not designed to do this.

The managers in charge of benefits systems in the UK  are demonstrating their incompetence, loudly and clearly, due to their lack of curiosity about their own work and what happens in it, people are going hungry

It is not a problem of not enough resources, either people or money. It is not a problem of the wrong IT system, though they do have silly IT systems. It is not a people problem. It is a how-managers-think-about-work problem.

In 2008 the financial system collapsed. This is hard to fix.

In 2013 the Benefits system has collapsed. This is much easier to fix.
It starts with picking up a book. Pick up a book, write down a few questions from it, go and find the answers. It all snowballs from there.
There is no excuse for not doing something so simple. Other people did in Benefit offices all over the country, doing this they learned how to think about work properly. They were able to reduce the time it takes to process claims from months to hours

Nobody starves in a few hours.

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4 Responses to Lazy managers make hungry children

  1. And hungry kittens, too.

    – Bob


  2. Fat Jacques says:

    You don’t see that argument on Newsnight. Why? Because it isn’t ideological.


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